Powerboat Course with Club Yachting in Tenerife

Powerboat Course

Power boating is something I have fancied doing ever since going to the Las Galletas boat show and spotting one or two awesome powerboats on show there, so when Tanya from Homes and Away asked if I would like to have a go I jumped at the opportunity but first I needed a licence.

The company we decided on was Club Yachting as they are quite close to where we live, just over the hill in Las Galletas and I remember looking at Club Yachting when I lived in the UK, back in the days when I was dreaming of a life in Tenerife, where I could do my Day Skipper Yachting Course. I had already completed the Competent Crew Course in Southampton in December 2013 (and, oh boy was it cold) so this was the next step.

After contacting Club Yachting, I was extremely pleased to find out that there was a discount if more than one person booked on the course, they also gave us a discount as we are residents which added up to a good saving for us. Although overall Club Yachting does offer excellent value in my option when compared against the other companies, it did work out cheaper than most on the island; so its well worth a look.

The day of the course arrived and the weather was fantastic as usual over here in Tenerife, we made our way to the first pontoon in Las Galletas Marina where Franco our instructor from Club Yachting was waiting for us, he put us at our ease instantly with his air of confidence, soon after we were joined by Matt from Admiral Travel (another fellow learner) and our group was complete.

FrancoFranco gave us a brief outline of what was to come over the next two days, then he went through the description of the rib (boat) we would be using and the safety checks that you should undergo before taking a boat out.

So off we went and we began undergoing manoeuvres to get used to the rib although at low speed, we were still in the confines of the marina and it was not long before we were all getting the hang of it with the help of Franco and his excellent tutoring skills.

The fun really started when we took the rib out in to open water and there we opened her up and to be honest, I was smiling from ear to ear as I love power and speed and she didn’t disappoint as we preformed a series of high speed manoeuvres then back in to the marina for more of the above.

Later in the day we made our way to the Club Yachting office for some classroom time where we received an overview of the powerboat theory, how to use a chart, how to plan a passage from one point to another, how to pinpoint you position, etc, etc.

Day two was similar to day one but for some reason, it felt more relaxed, maybe because I had an idea of what I was doing or I had just decided to embrace the course and just enjoy it.

We continued to build our confidence mooring the rib on various pontoons forward and reverse; turning in a confined space and how to use the wind and tide to help your manoeuvres and then back out to sea for some more speed manoeuvres, we performed man overboard and how to weigh the anchor.

I must say that the course was very enjoyable, the company also, Matt and Tanya, were an excellent crew to be with and our tutor Franco made the course simple to follow and made it a fun experience.

Club Yachting LogoWe are now looking forward to owning and using our own boats with the knowledge we have gained after completing the Powerboat Course here in Tenerife with Club Yachting in Las Galletas.


Can’t Wait…. To wave to you all from the Boat!