Sunday Lunch at the Waterfall Bar and Restaurant.

Suday Lunch at the Waterfall

OGuitarn my Weekly Guitar Lessons at the Waterfall with Kelvin, I decided it would be great to come up on Easter Sunday for a Sunday Lunch with the wife (a little time out of the kitchen) plus to be entertained in the Tenerife sun with the weekly live entertainment, the Waterfall Bar and Restaurant is a great place to be on a Sunday afternoon. Although all this eating out is starting to expand the waistline a little to much, due to the social side of living in Tenerife. I feel its time to get back on the bike and try to burn off a few more calories.

back painWalking up to the Waterfall Bar and Restaurant was a bit of a task for Karen, she had been suffering severe back pain for the last week and was saying……….. “Ouch” a lot as she walked, I feel she was still suffering a little! Also, when I looked at the time I realised I hadn’t put the clocks back “Oh No” …its that damn, Mañana again…so now we are an hour late! So, now I was pushing Karen with her bad back and she was straggling further behind. I hate being late, so I continued to push. When we turned the corner and the Waterfall was in sight,  I linked up with Karen and she told me to “Bugger Off” as I wasn’t being attentive and sympathetic on the way up. I feel at this point we both needed to get to the bar for some liquid medication.

There at last, sat at our reserved table with a drink each, Karen took a deep sigh and put plenty of padding behind her back, while drinking a little too quickly, “it must of hurting more than I thought”….she said.

Sunday lunch at the WaterfallWith our food ordered, we both went for the Roast Beef Dinner at only €8.50pp, it is great value and the food is always perfectly cooked, thanks to Jamie and Simon the chefs. I must say when the food came out it looked fantastic and tasted the same, my lunch didn’t even hit the sides due to the fact I was famished. Karen took a little longer to eat although her beer was disappearing very quickly, too.

Food gone and feeling satisfied, if I was a cat, I would be purring right now…….and ready for a cat nap!

Obsession live DuoThe live act started to announce their second appearance of the afternoon, unfortunately we had missed the first half ( it didn’t help with the clocks going forward!) We had seen Obsession before and found them to be a great live duo who look and sound great. Chrissy on the Sax and Ray on the Base Guitar, both singing and harmonising together, they had great banter with the audience and their performance was rocking,  like the ladies who were up dancing.

Moving on to the early evening and with a lovely afternoon behind us with great food and a few drinks, Karen was now starting to forget about the pain and it was time to walk back home and chill…….!