Los Abrigos Annual Beer Festival

Beer Festival

ChrisA very enjoyable evening at Los Abrigos Annual Beer Festival, it’s a couple of years after my previous visit and the festival was in full flow when I arrived, it seemed considerably busier with crowds of people chilling, dancing, drinking and eating.

Firstly, I went for a walk down to the harbour were holiday makers, local children, parents and even the family dogs were cooling off and jumping in to the sea and having a great time, I would have loved to join them to cool down as the weather has been slowly getting hotter and hotter over here but I resisted the temptation and continued my walk up the back streets to enjoy the quaint village of Los Abrigos.

I felt it was about time to quench my thirst and with the beer being only 1€ per glass and with a large selection of many types of food on offer, from various homemade Tapas and Kebab dishes there was no shortage to try and again at 1€ per serving, it wasn’t long before I was no longer hungry and feeling quite happy.

Los Abrigos Festival

I really enjoyed the singers who were giving a live performance in front of the small church which is situated at the top of the harbour in the village, the whole area was flood lit and a crowd of people were dancing along from kiddies to senior citizens and it was a real mix of ages and nationalities having a fantastic time.


I didn’t stay while late, as I had all I could eat and drink, I had reached my limit, so decided to make my way home but I imagine that the party continued in to the wee small hours with everybody having a thoroughly good time, I know I did at the annual Los Abrigos Beer Festival, here´s to the same time next year, Cheers!