A Day Out Hiking with Andy Tenerife Walker


When Andy Tenerife Walker asked if I wanted to accompany him on one of his Tenerife guided walks, I jumped at the opportunity to see a little more of Tenerife. I also wanted to soak up some of his knowledge of the island which he’s acquired over the years walking while living here and sharing this beautiful island with other walkers.

hikerFirst, I needed to get some proper walking gear so I asked Andy what I needed which included comfortable walking boots, wind & waterproof jacket, rucksack, food, water and a mobile in case there was an emergency (The Emergency Services number is 112) to be honest, individually we should all be aware of this, better to be save than sorry).

I only had some trainers at the time so Andy decided on a walk that would be more suitable for my footwear and with a quick trip to the Chinese shop, for some pants and a waterproof jacket; I was all set for my day out with Andy Tenerife Walker.

The day of the walk arrived and I met up with Andy Tenerife Walker in Los Cristianos, we then got into his car to proceed to the walk which he had planned for us, El Chinyero Volcano. Andy explained that the volcano had been active and erupted over 100 years ago on the 18th November 1909 and lasted until the 27th November 1909, creating the 80m scoria cone of El Chinyero, this was to be the destination for the day but unfortunately the weather had closed in a little and it started to rain. Yes, it does rain in Tenerife occasionally so Andy moved on to Plan B, we both decided that it’s not much fun walking in the rain.

Teide View

Soon we reached the Caldera (the crater in Teide National Park) which is 2000 metres above sea level and above the clouds, whereby we lost the rain and emerged to a glorious day. Ideal for walking, Andy Tenerife Walker explained that one of the great things about the Tenerife weather is there are micro climates that Teide helps to generate on the Island so it can be raining in one area of the island while somewhere else Andy can usually find an area that’s dry to hike.



Therefore the new walk that Andy had decided on was ROQUES DE GARCÍA WALK which was ideal as its been a while from my last hike here in Tenerife and this is an relatively short and a easy walk. The last one I did with my partner was the Masca walk, without a guide and correct equipment or clothing and what a real challenge this turned out to be, as we had to walk back up through Masca Gorge, we didn’t realise that you could get the boat at the bottom to Gigantes, and our car was back up at the top therefore we had to go back up…(There and back, Masca Gorge) this is another good reason to use a Guide like Andy Tenerife Walker who does guided walks down the Masca Gorge.

Andy Tenerife Walker

The walk started at the information area in the crater and it was a really interesting walk as Andy’s knowledge of the geology and history of the area is quite extensive. I was surprised to hear that some trails were closed off, at times for Mouflon hunting. A Mouflon is a large goat that was introduced to the island and they need to be kept under control so they do not to over populate the area.


We were also lucky enough to see a Great Grey Strike (Lanius Excubitor Koenigi) a small bird which was just sitting on a rock; it didn’t seem scared or frighten of us which meant we could get close for a picture or two. I really enjoyed the walk and the company, a great guy that really puts you at your ease. I am looking forward to the next time we go for a hike in Tenerife. Andy usually takes small groups of walkers which is a great way to socialise and take a picnic with fellow hikers, I intend to bring my partner on one of Andy’s Trails, especially after our Masca experience! I don’t think she will trust me to organise another one.

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