Boy George One of Tenerife’s Top Entertainers

This week, Chris Bracken talks to Keith George one of Tenerife’s top performers

Boy George photo 1

What would you like to let us know about you, your act or your performance?

Keith George alias The Boy George Experience performs all over the world. A unique tribute act that goes from strength to strength and is the only singer that comes anywhere near sounding exactly like Boy George, Keith performs all the Culture Club classics as well as George’s solo hits and wherever he performs the audience love him. Keith’s show incorporates live vocals with numerous character and costume changes.

Successful tours to Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, Germany and extensively throughout the UK, in venues ranging from nightclubs to indoor and outdoor arenas and was awarded Entertainer of the Year for 2001 by J.P.C and Pink Paper Best Cabaret Act 2009

Keith’s Costumes have been designed by Martin Taylor who also designs For Paul O’Grady (Lily Savage), Ali G and Gayle Tuesday.

With an 80’s revival happening now, The Boy George Experience is a must for any venue and any occasion

When did you first perform, before an audience?

I first performed in front of an audience at school, I played a shepherd and I remember the heat from the lights made me sweat, I was 5!

When did you realise you could do this for a living?

I come from a very musical family, my great Grandmother was a singer and other members of my family also perform professionally, so it’s all I ever wanted to do. I knew I would be on the stage.

When/where was your most enjoyable performance?

There are so many to choose from, but I will say Australia Mardi Gras and Amsterdam Pride are up there, as well as The Cafe De Paris in London.

Have you ever experienced “Stage Fright” while performing and how did you overcome it?

I suffer with nerves before every performance I get nervous before getting on stage but once I’m on the stage I’m fine.

What advice would you give to a new performer who’s just arrived in Tenerife?  

I would say go to as many venues as you possibly can and find the ones you enjoy socialising in, that way you will enjoy performing there. Make sure your act is polished and ready for the stage.

What else can we expect from you in the future and where can people see you perform?

I will be flying over to Gran Canaries in May to perform for Maspalomas Pride which I have done many times before;

I also fly back to the UK for shows regularly. You can see me on a Monday at The Pearly Grey Hotel at 10pm then John Kelly’s Music Bar at 11pm, Tuesdays I am at Restaurant Margaritas at 9pm, then The Original Wigan Pier at 10.15pm

Wednesdays 9.15pm Top Square San Blas then St Eugene’s at 11.30pm

Thursdays Colon Beach at 22.00

Fridays St Eugene’s at 22.15

Saturdays The Pheasant Plucker at 10pm

Sundays Amanda’s at 11pm

Do you have other hidden talents that you do not include in your Act/Performance?

I can’t play any instruments; I really regret I never took the time to learn to play!

Who is your idol and why?

I have a few idols the first being Julie Walters, I think she is a very funny woman and a fantastic Actress and Madonna because she’s Madonna.

Would you ever consider going back to the UK, could you briefly explain why?

I would not go back to the UK to live unless there was a major reason. I love my hometown of Battersea so much so I had BATTERSEA tattooed on my lower back.

Thanks for the interview Keith that was Fantastic