Gatwick Will Invest In New UK Routes If Awarded A Second Runway

Bosses at Gatwick Airport are determined to be granted permission for a second runway, and now they have up the stakes with a promise of a £20 million investment package.


The owners of Gatwick Airport have now said they will invest millions in linking to all the airports around the UK. This investment means that all the airports will have a direct link to Gatwick, which could generate jobs and boost the local economy.



A spokesman for Gatwick Airport has said the money will be used to help pay for marketing of the new UK routes as well as paying for reserved flight slots. If the investment does go ahead, then this would mean Gatwick Airport would be the most linked airport in the country.



A Gatwick Airport spokesman said: “This initiative is designed to ensure that the benefits of a second runway also extends to further improving connectivity between the regions and nations and Gatwick.”



The investment will not be made available until after the second runway is opened. However, travel experts believe Gatwick Airport will not be granted a second runway due to the opposition of residents and public groups.