Lisa Bridge, is here to Entertain us in Tenerife

This week, Chris Bracken talks to Lisa Bridge being a performer in Tenerife


What would you like to let us know about you, your act or your performance?

I am a solo vocalist and I have lived in Tenerife for just under 2 years.  I perform either a mixed show which features soul, pop, dance and rock or I do a full Soul and Motown show.  My act is lively as I like to have some banter with the audience and I love it when people join in singing along and dancing, it makes a night much more fun.  I have also started doing chilled afternoon sets too, as they seem to be really taking off this year.

I have a facebook page at and a soundcloud account if anyone would like a listen at .
When did you first perform, before an audience?

It was in primary school and I was 9 years old.  I got chosen to play Snow White and had to sing “One Day my Prince will come”  I was petrified!!
When did you realise you could do this for a living?

When I was made redundant at 17 years old from a firm I had worked at for two years.  I used my redundancy money to buy some equipment and my Dad helped with the rest.  I had been singing for hours and hours each day since I was 7 so I decided it was time to get brave.  I got onto the local circuit in Manchester and it went from there.
When/where was your most enjoyable performance?

I have to say that I pretty much love most nights I sing.  I have some brilliant venues to sing at weekly and I love to see the staff and customers that I have gotten to know so well. As for most enjoyable and those that stay in my happy memories forever are TEAs 2014, my reunion gig in Manchester this year, and every Christmas Eve and New Year at Bojangles…all so much fun and a little bit crazy.
Have you ever experienced “Stage Fright” while performing and how did you overcome it?

Every single time I sing, and I am a nervous person in life generally.  I come across as a confident, but inside I’m a quivering wreck!!

I undertake relaxation techniques each day to help me stay “normal” hahahaha.
What advice would you give to a new performer who’s just arrived in Tenerife?  

As I’m still quite new there is so much I have learnt!!

1) Have money in the bank to back you up when work goes quiet

2) Your loyalty will not always be respected, so get a little tougher

3) Don’t moan, call other people, don`t rate yourself too highly or be a diva….no one likes a diva

4) Be nice to all the staff you work alongside and say thank you….they deserve it

5) Don’t rely on Facebook for work, get out in your comfy shoes and actually walk into bars for auditions.
What else can we expect from you in the future and where can people see you perform?

I have just introduced new club classic tracks to my set which are being received really well, there are lots of little ravers out there!  I have a full giglist on my facebook page (listed in Q1) as there are 12 venues currently and the days/times of gigs change every couple of months, people are welcome to visit the page whenever they like.
Who is your idol and why?

I had many growing up to be honest. I learnt to sing, listening to and trying to copy Whitney/Queen/Celine/Brenda Lee/Dusty Springfield/Frankie Valli/Michael Jackson. My Mum and Dad had a really eclectic record collection so we listened to tonnes of music.

Would you ever consider going back to the UK, could you briefly explain why?

I really wouldn’t want to. I miss my family and friend but it is such a nicer life here for our son and I get to sing here 6 nights a week, which is so hard to do in England. Plus I need the sunshine as I go slightly see-through without it

That’s Great Lisa, thanks for taking the time out for the interview.