Sunset on the Muscat Catamaran off Tenerife

A fantastic trip had by all aboard the Muscat Catamaran off Tenerife


Another Dolphin and Whale spotting trip but with a difference as we were collected at The Waterfall Restaurant and Bar in Golf del Sur, who were promoting the trip for Suzie Q, one of San Blas local entertainers who we have seen many timed and always enjoyed her performances.

 Muscat Catamaran off  Tenerife

We were collected about 3.40pm at the Medical Centre just above The Waterfall Restaurant and we were whisked off to Las Galletas Harbour where the Muscat Catamaran is located. We picked up our tickets from the Muscat booth and waited for the Catamaran to arrive, soon after the Mustcat sailed in to port to the excitement of around 50 people ready to board. Although the boat was loaded with provisions for our trip then we all boarded and found the seating positions that suited us, we had sailed on the Mustcat before so we had a good idea where we wanted to go. All the passengers settled down and we started our trip on the Muscat Catamaran off Tenerife.

  Muscat Catamaran off  TenerifeMuscat Catamaran off  Tenerife

We were informed of the safety rules on the boat and the announcement was made “The free bar is now open” no I was not the first one there, I sent Karen instead but only for soft drinks as we are both light weights and if we had started drinking from the off we would probably have fallen overboard so we had decided to pace ourselves. The Catamaran glided effortlessly through the waves as I scanned the ocean for flying fish but unfortunately none were to be seen this trip although we have seen them on previous trips.

The boat reduced power and we spotted our first pod of Whale’s which surfaced and we were asked to keep the noise down by the captain as to not frighten them.

 Muscat Catamaran off  Tenerife, Pilot Whales

The Whales stayed with us for a while to the delight of the passengers and the crew. As we moved off  lunch was announced which consisted of Seafood or Chicken Paella, there was also a vegetarian alternative. (We had the Chicken Paella which was very tasty dish. We formed an orderly although wobbly queue to receive our rations and soon were sat with empty plates and a contented look on our faces. At this point I was thrilled to see a large Turtle swimming past the Catamaran only a few feet away but as soon as it had appeared it was gone, not long enough to take a picture which was a great shame and we picked up another pod of Whales which flourish in the deep waters between Tenerife and La Gomera.

The Muscat catamaran made its way to a small harbour, for a swim for those who wanted to partake, I personally did not but many did including lots of kids, if you are lucky this is a chance to swim with sea Turtles as they are a regular sight in this bay.

 Swimming off Muscat Catamaran tenerife

Time was moving on and it was time for the steady journey back to Las Galletas although we were in for a treat as Suzie Q, serenaded us with a popular choice of Motown Classics, we had one or two of the passengers dancing on board which was probably aided by the free flow of drinks on the whole trip.

 Muscat Catamaran off  Tenerife

As the sun started to drift down and melt in to the Atlantic Ocean we were presented with a beautiful sunset and with a beer in one hand and my women in the other on a catamaran off the coast of Tenerife, it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

I Love the Muscat Catamaran

By Chris Bracken jeep-truck-car-clip-art_f[1]