Teacher Fined For Taking Children On Educational Holiday

A school teacher who decided to take her children out of school and take them on an educational holiday to Peru has been fined £240


The school holiday ban, which caused anger when David Cameron and his government introduced it, has caused millions of parents to miss out of a family holiday. The school ban has resulted in travel companies increasing their prices when children are off school leaving many parents unable to pay the high prices. However, not every parent obeys the school ban including a teacher from Manchester.

Jenny Hayden, 39, a teacher from Manchester decided to ignore the school ban and take her two children out of Wright Robinson College, in Manchester. She and her husband Anthony, 40, wanted to give their children an educational holiday where they could learn more about the history of the popular South American country.

The school teacher took her children on educational tours visiting the Inca ruins, walking up Machu Picchu, mixing with mountain communities and going on a cultural tour of the capital, Lima. However, the school did not approve of the trip and issued her with a £240 fine.

Mrs Hayden said she had no regrets about taking her children out of school and wrote on her Facebook page: “As a teacher myself I feel those seven days away from school did not jeopardise my children’s education in any way, it ultimately enhanced it.”

Although Mrs Haysen as given a fine, she has said she would do it again tomorrow, showing the school ban does not work.