Tenerife Life Magazine Talks To Entertainer Mario The Guitar Man

Chris Bracken talks to Entertainer Mario, who is known as Mario The Guitar Man.



What would you like to let us know about you, your act or your performance?

Hi, My name is Mario, I’m known around the circuit as the guitar man as I cover many of the guitar classic guitarist including Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix Gary Moore etc. Also, as I have had my own bar, I have accumulated an extremely large repertoire of well over 800 songs of every genre, so I can pretty much cover any event. I have worked with some well known artiste too including Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, and 2 years ago I worked with Rod Stewart I can include a pic too if you like.


How long have you been playing and what made you choose the guitar?

I have been playing guitar for over 40 years professionally. I’ve always loved the guitar.

How long did it take you to get to the stage where you could play before an audience? 

I started playing when I was 9 years old, my first paid gig was at 13y, and at 15y I went on tour with Blackfoot Sue, they were in the charts at the time with “Standing In The Road” I was also featured on Monty Modlyn’s TV show at 6.00pm late 70’s filmed at the Thomas A’Becket pub.

When/where was your most enjoyable performance?

I’ve had too many to list, but the Eric Clapton gig at the Cliffs Pavilion Southend would be up there. On stage with us was Procol Harums Gary Brooker, on bass, and very good friend Dave Bronze, and Robert Cray to name a few. Needless to say it was fun to do.

Have you ever experienced “Stage Fright” while performing and how did you overcome it?

The only ever time I felt that nervous was at 13, it was my first ever paid gig. I was the third member of a 3 piece and although I had everything down knowing the songs I was too scared and stayed home apologising with some feeble excuse. Fortunately the guys that were in their 30’s understood and I subsequently toured with them for over a year. It was the most embarrassing feeling, like crap factor, that I’ve experienced, so have never had that problem again.

What advice would you give to a new performer who’s just arrived in Tenerife?

Make sure you know your stuff, and have a good sound when you perform as there are a lot of good acts out there.

What else can we expect from you in the future and where can people see you perform?

I’m currently working at the Palm Beech Hotel twice a week, The Paradise Park Hotel Friday’s, Saturday El Paso Restaurant Los Cristiano’s, and the Terrace Bar, Amarillo Golf Sundays. I’m also arranging the personal appearance of Ray Quinn in Tenerife last years winner of UK’s ITV Dancing On Ice and 2008 runner to Leona Lewis X Factor as he has a new Single and Book out in August

Do you have other hidden talents that you do not include in your Act/Performance?

Yes, I have just received a publishing deal for my new novel from Percy Publishing London. The book is a work of fiction about my experiences with the band Take That in the early 90’s I was responsible for their promotion with RCA records. I was also behind Snap with “I’ve Got The Power,” featuring Jocelyn Brown, “Dirty Cash” Stevie V, Bizarre Inc. featuring Angie Brown and Adamski when he had Seal singing for him. The book is a violent sex drugs and total rock and roll, so I don’t recommend it to the norm. I wrote it following this publisher’s request. Well you have to do what you have to do ha ha!!

Who is your idol and why?

Don’t have an idol but my influences in music are probably: Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Page and Dave Gilmour. To name but a few…

Would you ever consider going back to the UK, could you briefly explain why?

I might well have to return to blighty to promote my new book. It is the third I have written so will also need to get them out there too.

Thank you; again for your time and filling out the questionnaire