The Kris Richards World of Music


This week, Chris Bracken talks to Kris Richards about being a performer in Tenerife


What would you like to let us know about you, your act or your performance?

Because I am not a tribute show, every performance is different. Over the years I have performed many different genres of music, I place a lot of detail to producing the best sound possible, and a varied amount of different styles of music.

How long have you been playing and what made you choose the Piano/Keyboard?

47 years, and it just happened, simple as that, virtually over a few days.

How long did it take you to get to the stage where you could play before an audience?              

4 days

When/where was your most enjoyable performance?

They are all enjoyable, as long as the audience also finds the performances enjoyable. It is an amazing feeling when you instigate a performance, that convinces people to enjoy themselves,

Have you ever experienced “Stage Fright” while performing and how did you overcome it?

At first I was terrible, while I was in a band, but when I went solo it just disappeared, it had to. I don’t give myself time to worry about stage fright, because until I step on stage, I don’t think about it, and I do not have a program, so I only think of the first number as I either stand before the keyboard, or take the mic in my hand. If I could not have any confidence in being able to do my job, then I would not take it on in the first place. Stage fright is a negative thing, when you go on stage you must be totally positive and confident, otherwise it will affect your performance. Also working alongside some amazing comedians, especially the one’s who do stag and hen party’s, who really know how to handle hecklers, must have rubbed off on to me, priceless ;

What advice would you give to a new performer who’s just arrived in Tenerife?

Good luck , you will need it in this present climate

What else can we expect from you in the future and where can people see you perform?

It is time to perform a tribute show, or rather shows.

I already have an Elton John show ready, and as we speak I am preparing a swing band show, and also a musicals show. I really would like to do all of these shows, because I do not like repetition, I like to do as many different songs , and styles,. as possible as far as performing where, just browse 

it will be on there………

Do you have other hidden talents that you do not include in your Act/Performance?

I started out as a player, using a portable keyboard, then within 1 year bought a Hammond Organ, and the vocals followed, but at that time, we live players were up against orchestras backing the chart songs, so just the organ was, well, a little empty, then the Eminent 310 was launched which gave us the amazing strings, so now the sound was fuller, then came synthesisers, and portable pianos, and the rest is history.

I eventually worked with the Eminent and several synths, so with vocals, and a Roland Vocoder, providing vocal harmony’s, made nothing was impossible.

Thanks to technology, it became all keyboards, which was a welcome relief to my back.

When I came to the rock, it was going to have to be the vocals ,being the main part of the show. Although I still carry a state of the art Korg keyboard with me, and for back tracks I use either Memory sticks in the venue’s pc, and as back up use either my phone or my tablet.

My back loves this bit as I travel light….

I also have a Recording studio, and play several other instruments.

I was also, for several years, the Musical Director for the Prince’s Trust

Who is your idol and why?

Never had time to even think about it, love classical, Keith Emerson is an eye opener, and love the feel of big band swing.

Also Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond, good arrangements.

Would you ever consider going back to the UK, could you briefly explain why?

Certainly not. You live where you feel you are at home. I am home.


Thank you; again for your time and filling out the questionnaire