What Are The Common Warning Signs of Diabetes in Women

Common Warning Signs of Diabetes in Women. Just like men, women are also susceptible to getting diabetes. Some specific types of diabetes like gestational diabetes which is specific to pregnant women occurs only in women. The signs and symptoms in case of any of the three types of diabetes in women are almost similar and may become more prominent at different stages of life. It is essential to stay aware and get diagnosed as soon as any such symptom appears. This will help you start the treatment during the early stages of life as well as will prevent further serious complications.


The type1 diabetes is generally seen in women who have someone in family suffering from diabetes. This type of diabetes is also found to occur due to certain immune system abnormalities. Obesity resulted due to unhealthy food habits may also be a reason for development of diabetes. Women suffering from problems like ovarian cysts, infertility, etc. are more prone to developing this disease. Women of certain races like African-American, Hispanic, American Indian, etc. are more prone to developing this disease. It is essential to know and understand the signs of diabetes as early as possible.


Diabetes: Diabetes is a diseases in which the blood glucose rises above normal. A person suffering from diabetes is unable to convert food into energy. The food that you eat is broken down to glucose and this is further carried to the cells. With the action of a hormone named insulin that is secreted from pancreas, glucose is converted into energy. Due to the inefficiency of the insulin hormone in converting the glucose into energy increases the glucose level in blood. Type 1, type2 and Gestational diabetes are the three types of diabetes that occur in human beings. This disease can be treated if you follow proper food and diet for diabetes along with prescribed medicines. Here are some of the symptoms that a woman suffering from diabetes may experience.


Signs of Diabetes in Women


1. Women may get thirstier and as a result lot of water. They may often feel like drinking something even though she had just had a drink few minutes ago.

2. Due to excessive drinking of water, they may urinate more than normal. Frequent urination is one of the symptoms that can be found in a women having diabetes.

3. An interesting symptom that have seen in women suffering from diabetes is that they may either experience sudden increase or decrease in appetite and further lead to increase or decrease in weight.

4. Some visual problems may also occur in some women.

5. Loss of sensation in their feet and hands has also been observed.

6. Poor blood circulation

7. Certain infections may also take place. Sores and injuries take time to heal.

8. Yeast infection is a common symptom that occurs in women.

9. They may experience extreme level of fatigue

10. Vomiting may occur

11. Dry mouth

12. Frequent cases of vaginal infections

13. The skin near the vaginal area may get itchy


Diabetes Treatment Tips


  • Stay active and indulge in regular exercising. Exercising will help you lose weight, burn sugar, boosts your insulin sensitivity.
  • Fiber is always considered as a good ingredient to be included in food. It acts as a detoxifier and improves your blood sugar level. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are some of the foods rich in fiber. At least have half of the grains that you eat as whole grains.
  • Include healthy foods in your diet. Add more and more nutrition to your food.
  • Plan your diets smartly and bring groceries keeping it in mind.


If you feel weakness, nausea, or excessive thirsty, consider it as a sign of diabetes and get diagnosed before it is too late. You may feel like urinating and urinate more frequently accompanied with pain in abdominal area, you should consult your doctor. Breathing disorder may also occur in some women as a result of diabetes. In case of any of the above mentioned symptoms you should get alert and get yourself checked for diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that brings many other complex diseases along with it. However, proper diet and lifestyle can lower the risk of diabetes.